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1960s Greyhound MCI MC-6 Tin Friction Toy Bus

1960s Greyhound MCI MC-6 Tin Friction Toy Bus

Model # / Description...

Model # unknown / Greyhound Supercruiser MC6 tin friction toy bus

Manufacturer / Country...

Manufacturer unknown / Made in Japan

Dimensions and Scale...

11" L x 3" H x 3" W

Description, Collector Value ($US) and Notes...

Here's a rarity. A nicely done tin friction MCI MC6 Greyhound Supercruiser tri-level toy bus from the mid 1960's. About a foot long. The destination sign below the windshield reads, "Express" and the bus fleet number is, 8999. Along the top on both sides of the bus reads, "...Leave the Driving To Us."

I actually had the opportunity once in the mid 1970s to see this bus both inside and out. WOW! If I recall correctly it had cloud-like abstract murals on the inside window pillars. Only 100 of the real buses were ever made and probably not many of the tin litho version shown here. If you ever find this toy bus in good shape snap it up before someone else dows.

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  • HI,I am a big fan of tour buses,especially the MCI's.I noticed that the model number of this 1960's MCI bus was not included,however,I'm assuming that the model number was probably put in without anybody realizing it.For anybody who is wondering what the model number for this particular bus is: It's a 1960 MCI,(MC6 is the model number) supercruiser tri-level bus.Just wanted to fill in the missing info of the model number!!Thanks for a great website!!


  • Hello,
    In 1974,I drove this model from San Luis Obispo, CA to San Francisco, CA.
    This was used with permits because of the 102" width.
    This was used on the LA-SF run.
    It had a V-12 Detroit with a 4 speed spicer transmission.
    The coach was way ahead of it's time in design.
    Wonderful to drive.
    Guy Forbes
    retired Greyhound Driver


  • I found this model in a yard sale.
    Got it for $15.00
    What a deal.
    It's probably worth about $150.00


  • i just got an greyhound sss japan scenicruiser today for five bucks and it turns out that it is worth about 100 bucks. people need to start looking up stuff before they start trying to sell stuff. but who cares i get to make money.


  • Greetings,
    My father drove for Greyhound out of Syracuse N.Y., he drove a lot of different buses through the years. I decided to collect the toy buses along with some of my other bus buddies from the Hound. The MC6 is the only bus I do not have. My bus collection is worth over 15,000. If you ever plan on selling that, please let me know.
    Thank you and have a good day.
    Brian Mcnabb


  • I had a friend that had one & made it into a moter home it was real nice to go camping with it .It had every thing in it you would want.
    I have 2 of these toy MCI,MC6 buses willing to sell.
    I have many other toy buses too.


  • I have this model, any idea on its value?


  • I have one of these brand new in its box. mc-6
    email me.


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