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Sunnyside/Superior Old Look Style 1950s Bus - Classic Transporter

Sunnyside / Superior - Old Look Style 1950s Bus - Classic Transporter

Model # / Description...

SS 9853 / Sunnyside/Superior Styled after old look buses of the 1950s

Manufacturer / Country...

Sunnyside/Superior / China

Dimensions and Scale...

8" long x 2" 1/2 high x 2" 3/4 wide

Description, Collector Value ($US) and Notes...

A Sunnyside/Superior Chinese made diecast of a GM(?) old look city bus with working doors. Pull-back action sets the bus in motion. Destination sign reads, "Western Castle." Side of bus reads, "Classic Transporter - No. NY289-873.

Doesn't hold a candle to the Corgi's, but one can never have too many toy buses in one's collection.

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  • Does anybody know who makes the Western Castle bus?

    I would love to have a supplier so we can hand out these out at our Bus Roadeo to the operators who compete and the judges who work.

    I know where I can buy them but not where I can get one in Rose City colors(TriMet's ancestor)

    I would also be interested in buses from the mid 70's forward that can be painted in TriMet colors.


  • This is a 1/50 scale (approx.) rendition of an 1950's GMC transit bus. It is manufactured by Sunnyside Diecast Limited. It is part of the Sunnyside Superior Line. It is avaialble at


  • I have two Sunnyside/Superior busses. One is SS 9853. It is the yellow Clasic Transporter Transporter with a black roof. The other one isss9853, a 1869 Commercials International Group. The body is Pea-Green with a brown top and a brown lower quarter panel. Does anyone know about these busses? I also have a Corgi #98461 thet is missing the passenger side mirror. Ayone know where I can get morrors for Corgi Busses?


  • today my Little brother wants a TOY BUS. disney bus or other buses


  • today my Little Brother,MATTHEW wants a toy bus.HE WANTS ANY BUS there is to Buy Him-Love Jorge Vargas


  • I have the exact same bus pictured in your posting and would be willing sell. It's not in as good condition as yours, however if someone wants to offer a reasonable amount (plus shipping costs) I'll gladly send it to them. The doors both work although the rear one is a little sticky, the pull-back is 100% and it is only missing a left front roof light (half of it appears to be still there.

    Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.



  • I picked one up at a yard sale. Is this a collectible item and what is it worth?


  • I actually really like the schoolbus with the larger print on the side, but I want one with both the white painted metal roof, AND the working light function, but all the pics I've found have the light function on a one tone plastic roof with smaller variant printing on the sides. I was at a flea market once, and I KNOW I ran across one the way I want it (it even had an erroneous siren from the Sheriff variant) but none I find seem to be that way. Does anyone know where I can find one at?


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