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Japanese Tin Litho Friction toy of a 1960s Greyhound New Look Fishbowl

Japanese Tin Litho Friction toy of a 1960s Greyhound New Look Fishbowl

1:50 Corgi Diecast Scale Model of a Greyhound ScenecruiserModel Buses: While most hobbyists and collectors of diecast scale model vehicles focus on vintage muscle cars, trucks or HO / O scale trains... a small, but dedicated group choose to collect scale models (1:50, HO scale, O scale...) and toys of buses and related transit memorabilia.

Tell anyone you collect miniature diecast model buses and you'll get snappy remarks like, "That's for kids" or worse yet, "That's weird." One can find NASCAR replicas, Matchbox or Hotwheels miniatures, but not modelbuses. Same thing goes for the unassembled plastic model kits by Revell or AMT... tons of muscle cars and even big rigs, but never a bus.

Scale models made from epoxy resin, plaster and woodIn the UK, collectors of vintage die-cast models are more organized and prevalent. Here in the United States, collecting these types of scale models and vintage toys are regarded as a strange hobby with little in the way of models or information on them. That has now been changing with Corgi releasing several 1:50 / O scale vintage American diecast vehicles including the classic 1954 Raymond Lowey designed General Motors PD 4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser. There have now even been books published on scale model and toy bus collecting adding a bit of legitimacy to the model and toy bus collecting community.

Vintage Japanese tinplate litho friction drive toysA quick look around the web reveals astronomical prices for many of those old bus toys from the 1950s and 1960s and certain custom made promotional coin banks. Speaking of collectible coin banks, there are tons of oil company memorabilia such as Coca Cola vehicles or Texaco oil tankers in the form of banks, but did you know there are also Promotional coin banks in the shape of buses available in various liveries and desings?

Vintage steel, iron and slush mold was created in 1996 to fill the void for scale model bus and vintage toy bus collectors. I've taken just about every scale die cast model and toy bus in my collection and put them here with full color photos. You can add your comments and reviews for each one and submit photos of models in your collection! Please do not be afraid to post a comment or post photos of your models as we are all united by a common bond. Whether it be a GM 4104, Continental Trailways Golden Eagle, GM fishbowl, Setra, Routemaster, AEC... Model railroading fans are also invited to join us as scale model buses play a prominent role in many O and HO scale train displays, layouts and dioramas. Enjoy and tell your friends about!

Comments from Model Hobbyists & VIntage Toy Collectors
Collectible vehicle coin banks

"Your model bus collection really knocked me out. Outstanding! As a collector of antique radios I appreciate the effort you've made. Wishing you continued success." -Tom B. (USA)

"I just loved the bus models. I would like to have some of those friction models. Where in the world did you get those? ... Just glad that I found another bus enthusiast out there." -Albert L., Jr. (USA)